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Friday, December 23, 2005

StarTeam: Getting started...

I want to save everybody some time, who wants to install StarTeam for the first time. I could not find one thing in the manual and I had to google the newsgroups in order to find an answer.

Let's say, you created a new configuration inside your server, everything is set up and you start the server for the very first time.

Well, you need to add users, so they can log in.

Ok, so there is Accounts / User Manager. Click it... User name? Password? Did I set up any users? Of course not, but there is something like "root" in StarTeam as well.

  • Username: Administrator
  • Password: Administrator

and you will be logged in. I spent so much time browsing the manuals for this, but I simply could not find it.

Thus, to safe you some time I thought this was a nice post.


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