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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Command Line Switch Helps Testing Packages

I never realized this, but Jeremy North gave me a wonderful idea when I had a look at his tool that lets you customize Delphi 2005 personalities for start-up.

BDS has the command-line switch -r which lets you define a registry key that is used instead of "BDS\4.0\" by the IDE.

So basically, if you start the BDS using: bds.exe -rTESTING you end up with an IDE that looks just like a newly installed version. No custom packages, no custom components are loaded that have not been installed with the Borland Installer. Basically, if you e.g. installed IntraWeb that comes with Delphi 2006, that package will be loaded, because it is part of your default install.

However, this environment is ideal if you want to check out packages that you are uncertain about and you can still keep your working environment undisturbed.

If you develop for multiple customers you can build yourself two shortcuts on your desktop. One shortcut executes bds.exe -rCUST_A the other one calls bds.exe -rCUST_B. So you have a customized IDE for your customers.

Also take note of the fact that there is also the -p command-line switch. That will only load a certain personality and can be combined with -r.

BDS 2006 is fast, but using these command-line switches will make it even more handy and snappy.


  • You can use DelphiSettingManager to create different Delphi 7, 2005 personalities and you can easily create shortcuts for those personalities with the help of this program. It can be found at http://blogs.slcdug.org/esaputra/archive/2005/07/04/3062.aspx
    Extremely useful tool!

    By Blogger iSkomorokh, at 4:55 PM  

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