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Monday, February 06, 2006

ECO and Bold (again)

(My apologies to all RSS users, but the first version of this post simply disappeared from my Blogger-Account)

Today, a user complained in a newsgroup about ECO III. Something did not work the same way as it worked in Bold, which was the Win32 predecessor of ECO, and called ECO a "drawback".

Statements like that always make me mad.

Just because something works differently in a completely reworked, remodeled framework, does not mean it is worse!

In this case, the user was complaining that there were no more visual components included with ECO - at least I thought so. ECO, however, does use the data binding capabilties of the Winforms presentation layer (thanks, Jesper *grin*) in order to display information from the business model inside the GUI. It is a completely different concept, which is way more flexible than what Bold had, if I come to think of it.

In ECO, there is simply no need for special components. You may use any Winforms component that supports data binding with ECO.

For me that is not a "drawback", it is a major improvement.

It is also amazing how easy it is to speak about a thing and mean two totally different things. I was talking about a "Treeview" component that can be dropped on a Winform. The user, who was complaining, spoke about something totally different that was called TBoldTreeView. Mr. Peter Morris was so kind to explain to me what the component did/does and I understand that it has nothing to do with displaying information like I thought.


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