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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

German ECO book available in English -soon-

I blogged about the fact that the German ECO book got an update. I was very amazed that Alois gave me even better news: it is being translated to English right now and Alois expects a first RC of it within the next two weeks...

If that's not great news, what is!?


  • Looking forward for this. Unfortunately there is no detailed eco documentation yet. I think ECO has so much to write about hat one can write a book on it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:01 AM  

  • Could it be that you meant "German ECO book available in English -soon-"? ;-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:37 PM  

  • Yes, Robert, I did. I made the necessary changes. Thanks!

    By Blogger Holger, at 11:35 AM  

  • Hope he will give a free update to all people whia had bought the English Version

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:42 AM  

  • Looking forward for this too !
    Great news indeed (my german is too bad)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:26 AM  

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