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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

IntraWeb: new version 8.0 coming soon

I am a member of TeamZed, a group from Atozed (pronounce: A-to-Zed) which primarily has a look at upcoming software releases. Thus, I had the opportunity to have a look at the upcoming release of IntraWeb. It's going to be version number 8.0 and I think it will be released pretty soon, as the core development team is only fixing tiny setup issues right now.

Atozed Software already published some charts about the performance of the next release, which is going to be a huge improvement compared to earlier versions. You might have a look at them yourself.

I simply recompiled an IntraWeb Application, which I built using Delphi 2005 and I have to say that the performance really improved quite a bit, as you can feel a difference using the application without actually doing any performance measurements. I also noticed that the amount of data being transferred has been reduced quite a bit (almost 50% in my case).

So, if you have version 7.2.41 or even older, be sure to have a look at the new version!


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