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Friday, December 23, 2005

StarTeam and MS SQL Express 2005

A couple of days ago, I finally tried to set up Star Team 2005 R2. This version is included in Delphi 2006 Enterprise and Architect. At University, I was taught how to install and use CVS.

The first striking difference between CVS and StarTeam is that CVS does not use a database to store information at all. StarTeam (ST) uses in addition to the repository on the harddisk also one that is persisted in a SQL database. Borland deploys a Developer edition of MS SQL Server 2000 with Delphi (I am not sure which SKUs actually contain it, but I would guess Enterprise and Architect) as well, so you are ready to go if you bought D2006 Enterprise or Architect. However, I always like to experiment a bit and also wanted to check out Microsoft's new MS SQL Server. As I just wanted to fiddle around, I simply downloaded the Express edition, which is free right now.

Thus, before installing ST, I installed MS SQL Server 2005 Express. Of course, I needed to install .NET 2.0 for that. Afterwards I installed and configured ST. Reading the manuals (esp. the "Getting Started" one) before/while doing this is very much needed as you need to configure a lot of settings.

The result of my little experiment: It works perfectly. ST can create and maintain the databases in SQL 2005 Express without any problems. I have not had any issues at all using it.

Be aware that this is just my experience on a single system. I have no idea about side-effects that might occur when using ST with SQL 2005 with different setups esp. in companies where lots of people access the server at the same time. But I do think, as ST uses SQL statements to access the database, there should not be any issues. The only problem I anticipated was that ST simply might not "see" the new server and I might not be able to connect to it.

However, it was no problem at all.


  • hello. i tried to connect sql server express edition few days ago. but i couldnt connect sql server with delphi which can connect easly sql server 2000. do you have some codes about it?
    thank you...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:30 PM  

  • Please use the appropriate Borland newsgroup for your question. I am sure people will be there to address your question. I do not have any sources that can do what you ask for. Sorry.

    By Blogger Holger, at 1:36 PM  

  • Holer, Im trying to teach myself eco, having found your blog, Id hoped but Im obviously too thick!!

    Could you drop me a mail and maybe offer a big stick and whack me and say dumbo this is where you're wrong..


    Liz the brit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 PM  

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