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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CodeCentral as you will like it and always wanted it!

Borland's - or soon to be DevCo's - forum to exchange sources, complete sample projects, third party components and other stuff that is related to their products is called CodeCentral. You can access it by using http://cc.borland.com. However, now it even gets much more comfortable. David Clegg - he might actually change his name to David CCleg pretty soon if he spends more time on adding features (grin) - implemented a web service for CodeCentral ("CC"). Furthermore, he supplies a client that completely integrates into the IDE. On his blog he states that it should only serve for demo purposes, but I think it is really usable if you need to search for something on CC. I find it much easier and more comfortable to use than browsing for it online. Dave also published an article on BDN that sums everything up. You can access it here.


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