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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Russian MDA User Group

I just founbd out that the page http://mda-delphi.ru/ links to almost all my ECO blog articles... Thanks guys! I am sorry, I cannot provide the content in your native language as well.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another link to my sessions...

Olaf Monien was so kind to bring this link to my attention:


This will give you the chance to see all my sessions w/o having to click every single link from my previous post.

DevCon US: Holger's Sessions

So, as I browse bdn.borland.com today it seems that the voting for the sessions has started. If you'd like to see me at DevCon and are interested in ECO, so please vote for my sessions if you like to :-)

I kept the topics pretty general, so I'll accept feedback what exactly to cover ...

My sessions are:

Report No: 32263
ECO and ASP.NET : Authentication and Authorization by Holger Flick

Report No: 32262
Using ECO Services in Code by Holger Flick

Report No: 32261
Synchronization and Resolving Conflicts in Multi-user ECO Applications by Holger Flick

Report No: 32260 Status: Reported
Building Scalable ECO Applications by Holger Flick

Report No: 32259 Status: Reported
Using and Extending ECO OCL by Holger Flick