Holger's Thoughts on Delphi

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Beginning

Well, no. Right for the start: I am not leaving the Borland Community. I just finished my University degree last month and thus a new stage in my life started.

In this whole process my computer room aka "office" got a general "tidy-up". I should have done this way earlier. However, it can be somewhat fascinating what I have used/worked with about 6 years ago. Be it the first handheld scanner, the 10 MBit LAN cables with the funny looking connections and resistors or Borland stuff. I found two things in particular. The first item was my very first version of Delphi that I got as a present in ... I think 1986. I am not sure when it was exactly though to be honest.

Another nice goodie I found was this "märklin" model train with the Borland logo. I have no idea what the reason to create those was, but I won this at a Borland event this spring. Bernd Ua told me it must have been around 2000 that these were given away to customers.

I also found one more item, which I will not depict here. You guys can make a guess though. It is related to Borland, but it did not have the name "Borland" on it. So what is it?